About Gaia

Gaia ehf. – PO Box 4 – IS-602 Akureyri – Iceland – ID no.: 700611-0860 – VAT no.: 108430 – Account no.: 0565-26-700611 

Gaia ehf. was established in the summer 2011. The owners are Kristján Pétur Hilmarsson and Rögnvaldur Guðmundsson.

Gaia specializes in environmentally friendly solutions for individuals, companies and municipalities.
Currently, both companies and individuals are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of caring for the environment and nature and are also under a great deal of pressure from the public to fulfill laws and regulations about preserving the environment.
Gaia ehf. offers economical solutions to assist their clients in reducing operational costs while simultaneously fulfilling environmental laws and regulation.

Gaia’s employees

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Rognvaldur Gudmundsson
Board Member
Electronic- and Business Industrial Technician
E-mail: rognvaldur@gaia.is
Kristjan Petur Hilmarsson
Sales- and Marketing Manager
Mechanical Engineer M.Sc. with knowledge in product development and project management
E-mail: kristjan@gaia.is


Gaia’s collaborator regarding installation and service:

Snjallfiskur – Thordur Ivarsson
Aquaculturist and Electronic Engineer


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